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Solid hardwood versus engineered wood

These products have been around for a long, long time now, but hardwood flooring is still very popular throughout the world, and for good reason, as it has all kinds of sensational qualities to offer homes. Many people ask us what's the difference between hardwood and engineered wood, and below we briefly outline how they stack up against each other:

Solid hardwood flooring is sourced 100% from trees, making it a durable, authentic, and timeless option for your home. Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed using a several layer approach; the top and bottom layers are 100% real wood and can come from a wide range of wood species. The middle core is built from five to seven layers of plywood material that is crisscross in many different directions. With rooms that are subjected to moisture, such as basements, for example, the engineered option works well, as the core is very stable and less apt to shift, contract, or expand when exposed to temperature, humidity, and moisture.

Solid hardwood is renowned for its endurance, and each species has a specific level of durability that it offers. Oak and hickory, for instance, are quite hard and more dent and scratch resistant. Engineered wood is very durable, and can be sanded down and refinished a few times throughout its lifespan.

Typically solid hardwood is the gold standard in flooring and priced at a premium compared to other hard flooring options, and every specific wood species is priced differently. Engineered hardwood tends to be less expensive, but high-performance products can be more equivalently priced.
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